The 2013 Application & Service Deliver Handbook


This is a great Handbook and I thought I would share a portion.  If you want to download the entire book I will put the link at the end of this excerpt.


The Importance of Ensuring a Successful Application and Service Delivery

The Survey Respondents were given a set of outcomes that could result from poor application performance. They were asked to indicate the type of impact that typically occurs if one or more of their company’s business critical applications are performing badly, and they were allowed to indicate multiple impacts. The impacts that were mentioned most often are shown here.


If a business’ critical application is performing poorly, it has a very significant business impact and it also has a very significant impact on the IT organization.

In addition to the fact that the success of a company’s key business processes depend on the performance of a wide variety of applications and the networks that support them, another reason why applications and service delivery continues to e an important topic for IT organizations is the fact that approximately sixty five percent of The Survey Respondents indicated that when one of their company’s key applications begins to degrade, that the degradation is typically noticed first by the end user and not by the IT organization.

The fact that it has been true for years that it is typically the end users that first notices application degradation, makes it appear as if IT organizations are not getting better at ensuring acceptable application deliver. The reality is that most IT organizations do a better job today at ensuring acceptable application delivery than they did when the first handbook was published in 2007. Unfortunately, the application delivery challenges facing IT organizations continue to become more formidable.


Taylor Made’s    TMBS_PowerCenter_lrg is the ultimate in helping your IT organization with Application and Service delivery designed just for your company.  When it comes to Managed Document and Managed Print Services you can count on, call us today for your no-charge print assessment and see how we can save you time, money, and face.

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As promised: To download this entire workbook use this link: web

Four Vendors Take BLI “Picks” for Color Printers and MFPs

January 31, 2013 – Hackensack (NJ) – Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), the world’s leading independent tester of document imaging products, today announced “Pick” awards recognizing those color printer and MFP models that stood out from the competition in their respective categories. 


Three of the Four “picks” are available through Taylor Made Business Systems.


Numerous color printers were put to the test in BLI’s lab during the past six months. The rigorous evaluation considers such key factors as reliability, image quality, productivity, ease of use, value and more. The best performers in each group are acknowledged with BLI’s prestigious “Pick” awards. After analyzing the results for the top performers in a range of printer and MFP categories, BLI awarded “Picks” to the following seven models from Dell, HP, Kyocera and Samsung:

HP Brings Big Functionality to Mid-Size Workgroups
Flexibility, ease of use and software integration have helped HP win BLI “Pick” awards in two mid-size workgroup color MFP categories. “What really stands out about the color flow MFP M575c is its robust scanning; with a pull-out keyboard and standard workflow software, this unit is perfect for offices with heavy-duty scanning needs,” said BLI Test Technician Joe Ellerman. “And for users that need support for 11” x 17” output, the M775 is an ideal choice, with above-average paper and memory capacities, fast scan speeds and a large full-color touchscreen that makes programming jobs simple.”

“In today’s market, enterprises expect products to tackle more than just printing needs—they look for devices that can better organize, process and categorize content,” said David Laing, director of future product marketing for LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions, Printing and Personal Systems Group, HP. “We appreciate BLI’s recognition of HP’s commitment to building products that combine high-quality color printing with innovative document management functions.”

Kyocera Wins for Robust Departmental Choice
Winning a BLI “Pick” in the departmental color category, the Kyocera FS-C8650DN proved highly productive, easy to use and reliable in BLI tests. “We expect consistently strong reliability from KYOCERA products, and the FS-C8650DN was certainly no exception,” said BLI’s European Lab Manager Ian Latham. “During two months of durability testing it didn’t skip a beat, producing 112,500 impressions with not a single misfeed or service call required. Even better are the long-life consumables that minimize downtime, reduce environmental waste and lower cost of ownership.”

“We are very pleased that our top high-speed and high-performance printer, the FS-C8650DN received the BLI ‘Pick’ award as ‘Outstanding A3 Color Departmental Printer’,” said Berthold Hurtz, product manager at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe B.V. “Its superior image quality and high productivity was put to the test, achieving the highest speeds in its class, crisp text, superior production of pastel shades and fine lines. We are proud to receive another award in this segment.”

Samsung: Fast Color for Small Workgroups
Winning “Picks” in the small workgroup category, the Samsung CLP-680ND printer and sister MFP CLX-6260FW gave impressive showings in BLI’s exhaustive lab testing. “Both units operated flawlessly, provided vibrant color print output and demonstrated fast speeds in tests that are key indicators of real-world performance,” said BLI Senior Analyst for A4 MFPs and Printers Marlene Orr. “Making them even more attractive to business users, both units are easy to set up, use and maintain. And their low cost of ownership make them budget-friendly choices.”

“We are very pleased that Samsung’s A4 printers and MFPs were recognized with a Winter 2013 ‘Pick’ Award from Buyers Laboratory and honored to receive high scores in virtually all aspects of testing,” said Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division. “This award provides validation that we are delivering on the needs of our customers and dealers through the high performance and reliability of our printers. We look forward to continuing to provide powerful and intuitive printers, developed to enhance the efficiency of the workplace.”


To learn more about these excellent devices and about Taylor Made Business Systems


visit our website today or call (855) 575-8627.

Building an End-to end Mobile Print and Scanning Management Strategy

Starting with a holistic approach to mobile printing and scanning

will produce benefits and savings!

follow me printing


Smartphone and tablet purchases number in the hundreds of millions per year. These types of devices underscore the passage towards mobility in organizations of all sizes, across many industries, government agencies and educational institutions. Organizations have embraced mobility approaches for printing and scanning as well, starting with their users and working back from devices to wireless strategies.

Successful initiatives require a framework and strategy to ensure that all the pieces work together to deliver the efficiencies and flexibilities that mobility, along side mobile printing and scanning, promises.


Today’s Mobile Printing and Scanning Cycle – “Follow-Me Printing and Scanning” with Taylor Made Business Systems

While it’s hard to find a precise definition of Mobile Printing capabilities, the IT industry understands the term to mean giving workers access to network printing resources anytime, anywhere, from any device.

To facilitate that access, IT departments have taken the lead and adapted their policies and printing technologies to meet the demand. The sheer number of mobile devices today demands a way of tracking their print usage. Organizations depend on IT staff to make certain that printing devices are configured properly, are secure, and that the printed documents can be accounted for and linked to specific mobile users.

The Imaging Industry has responded to this need for specialized mobile print management with comprehensive tools and software that integrate with network systems. Infrastructures designed for printing and scanning by ad hoc or visitor use, are now in high demand by mobile users. Your IT staff may discover it needs new resources and upgrades to accommodate virtual client.


Taylor Made Business Systems PowerCenter can offer several solutions; one being just right for your organization. Call us today about “Follow Me Printing and Scanning”. A 30 minute conversation can set you on your way to that

“End-to-End Mobile Print  and Scanning Management Strategy.”

OUCH! Up to 10 per cent of an organization’s IT budget alone is spent on print-related activities!

The Future of Managed Print Services

Posted by Mathew Frederickson on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 09:00 PM

Despite the modern digitization of most business practices, printing is not going away any time soon. Seventy-five per cent of organizations use printing services on a daily basis and up to 10 per cent of an organization’s IT budget alone is spent on print-related activities. However, in an age where companies are pursuing a variety of tactics to save time, boost productivity and eliminate costs, making the switch to managed print services (MPS) is emerging as one of the more attractive — and secure — solutions.

Because of the dramatic cost-saving capabilities —

Due to the evolving technology space and a higher demand for a more efficient print model, the managed print services market is growing rapidly. In the Asia-Pacific region specifically, the managed print services market is estimated at $2.2 billion and is forecasted to grow by more than double the global average of 39 per cent from 2010 to 2015. Because of the dramatic cost-saving capabilities companies can save up to 30 per cent of print costs, on average —, the managed print services transition isn’t limited to larger firms. Midmarket businesses currently trail behind large enterprises in managed print services deployment, but more than one third of these organizations are considering a transition in the next year — for good reason.

Meeting the demands of a new workforce

From the start, managed print services boost operational efficiencies and streamline print communication so IT managers can devote time to more critical, strategic business issues. On a more complex level, managed print services satisfy the need to align printing solutions with newer enterprise technology concepts such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Today’s young generation of employees has grown up with mobile technology, forcing firms to adapt most of their internal and customer-facing processes to fit this mobile workforce.

The employee to printer ratio is 4:1, but the optimal ratio is closer to 10:1.

As employees print from multiple devices, seamless print operations will become a necessity; in the average office, the employee to printer ratio is 4:1, but the optimal ratio is closer to 10:1. Instating managed print services simplify this problem by enabling printing capabilities for more employees, from any device. Simpler printing eliminates the number of print-related help cases — which account for almost 40 per cent of help desk interactions — again, freeing up your IT staff to focus on more critical projects.

Combat these issues by reducing print redundancies to minimize waste

This new generation of employees is also more ardent in their feelings about sustainability and working for businesses that are environmentally conscious. For a 750-employee organization, printing alone requires colossal amounts of electricity and emits up to 85.7 tons of carbon. Managed print services combat these issues by reducing print redundancies to minimize waste and reduce a hardcopy fleet’s carbon emissions by up to 60 per cent.

Addressing modern security vulnerabilities

While a mobile workforce generates new businesses capabilities, the increase in server access points and printer connections can also mean more enterprise security risks. Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), for example, is a component embedded in nearly 7,000 different kinds of devices – printers, routers, mobile devices and media players — that allows them to automatically recognize each other’s network presence and communicate. According to Rapid7, around 40 to 50 million network-enabled devices are at risk due to UPnP vulnerabilities.

These risks can be hard to pinpoint, but managed service providers can implement security processes like data encryption and image overwrites and use tools to identify exposed UPnP network endpoints, essentially marking those that could be exploited remotely. As organizations’ IT staffs decrease in size and IT managers begin to focus on more complex, business growth tasks, they will have less time to dedicate to constant monitoring of gaps in print protection. Outsourcing this maintenance and preventive action will likely emerge as the most sensible option for these new business models.

Managed Print Services is well positioned to be one of the more effective, reliable models of the future.

As technology demands evolve for businesses of all sizes, managed print services fulfill the growing need for efficiency, security and cost savings in the enterprise. Though many businesses are just starting to contemplate outsourcing their printing components, managed print services is well positioned to be one of the more effective, reliable models of the future.

Taylor Made PowerPrint and PowerDoc  –

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To Enhance Your Digital Fitness

Cut Costs with PowerPrint . Taylor Made’s End-to- End Managed Print Services

In one year an organization with 750 employees will spend $700,000 on print costs, according to imaging industry research firm Photizo. money-saving-tipsBy leveraging a holistic managed print service, your organization can save up to 30 per cent on these costs. An expert managed print services team like Taylor Made’s PowerPrint team can consolidate print devices, reduce print volumes and manage all hardware, maintenance and consumables. The result is an optimized print set-up that requires less money to maintain, fewer IT staff to support and just one monthly contract to meet all your ongoing managed print service needs.

According to Gartner, print management costs can syphon 1 to 3 per cent of an organization’s total revenue. Managed print services can help reduce costs by providing:


A holistic approach to boosting operational efficiencies: The Taylor Made PowerPrint team assesses how your current print setup affects your business, including testing how each device prints, how much you spend on consumables such as toner and ink and the printer-to-user ratio. From there, the PowerPrint team develops a proposed future state for your print fleet that includes cost savings for hardware, consumables, power consumption and maintenance – savings that go back into your business.

Flexibility through vendor-independence: Taylor Made’s PowerPrint supports a range of print hardware from the leading providers without locking you into using one brand. And even if you use a range of different providers for your print hardware, all your infrastructure and maintenance costs are issued in one monthly bill in your managed print services contract.

Ongoing partnership to continually meet business needs: Print management optimization is an ongoing process that doesn’t stop at simply consolidating hardware and reducing print volumes. Taylor Made’s PowerPrint covers the full print management lifecycle, considering fluctuating business goals and budgets so print continues to meet your organization’s needs.


Keeping print management in-house instead of outsourcing it to a managed print services provider carries several disadvantages for your organization, especially:

A lack of centralized print purchasing: In organizations where every business unit is allowed to order its own printers, costs quickly add up – especially if each print device is only being used by a handful of people, such as a small payroll department, instead of being maximized for the best printer-to-user ration.

Expensive and inflexible maintenance contracts: If you have to go through each separate print provider to service different printers and copies, you’ll have to manage several contracts and payments. Not to mention that if you don’t have a good SLA with one of your providers, you might not get the repairs or preventative maintenance you need when you need it.

IT support costs: Most IT departments don’t hire IT staff devoted to troubleshooting their printers. Yet, to manage a print fleet for an organization with 750 employees, it requires about 3,700 hours of IT support, according to Photizo. This is time your IT staff should be dedicating to more important, revenue-driving projects and strategic business-technology endeavors.

Are you ready to save up to 30 per cent on print costs? Fill out our contact form today to schedule an assessment of your print environment. Click on this link: PowerPrint now.

The Week in Imaging’s Top 40 Most Influential People in the Imaging Industry–Meet Barry Taylor

The Week in Imaging’s Top 40 Most Influential People in the Imaging Industry

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scott Cullen

TWII_Top40_2013_FINALEvery other year The Week in Imaging presents its Top 40 Most Influential People in the Imaging Industry. It’s a broad mix of individuals consisting of those who make the tough decisions either at the top or at various levels within their organizations, those who others in the industry follow or emulate as well as thought leaders whose commentary and experience help them navigate through the ever-changing landscape whether it be hardware, solutions or services that make up the imaging industry. We present these awards every other year to keep the names on the list as fresh as possible. Yes, many of the folks we’re recognizing were honored in our first Top 40 back in 2011, however, there’s also a number of new individuals who have come to the forefront of the industry since that time.

Throughout the month of May we’ve been presenting 10 of these influential people each week in random order. Although you might not agree with every selection, each and every individual on this year’s list is deserving in our estimation and in the estimation of those individuals who we’re quoting in these snapshot profiles. This week we present our final group of 10.

Barry Taylor, CEO, TaylorMade Business Systems

Here’s a guy who has been in the copier business for almost as long as there’s been a copier business. That may be an exaggeration, but Taylor has been an influential player since acquiring his first copier company in 1972. “Taylor Made was a powerhouse copier company in the San Francisco Bay area that was acquired by Alco (predecessor of IKON, acquired by Ricoh) and thrived for many years with an intense focus on customers and employees,” recalls Tom Callinan of Strategy Development.

After ‘retiring’ from IKON in the late 90′s Barry enjoyed a few years without the day-to-day focus on imaging. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that Barry didn’t sit still, founding Taylor Made Water Systems with a highly talented management team, many with the same family name of Taylor. Taylor Made Water was acquired last year by Water Logic. In 2001 Barry and family reentered the imaging space with Taylor Made Digital, before selling to Ricoh in 2005. In 2012 Barry, Casey, and Clint Taylor founded TaylorMade Business Systems as a pure MPS VAR and are experiencing rapid growth in the Bay Area with that same laser focus to customers, employees, and superb strategic and marketing skills, staying ahead of most in the industry.

“Founding one successful company is a great accomplishment; having the ability to repeat that success four times is simply amazing,” says Callinan. “Barry has brought that same passion to philanthropy, founding The Taylor Family Foundation ( and over the last twenty years the foundation has provided a caring environment to 40,000 children in Northern California living with life threatening and chronic diseases.”

TMBS – 9 Point Differentiators for Document and Print Fleet Management

Over the past decade, the demands on IT Departments within Companies to do more and cut costs have increased dramatically. This necessitates thinking outside the box. How can you be expected to do more with fewer resources; spend less money and be involved in more important initiatives? There are numerous requests for your IT time and budget. How do you find that extra time and money? You need an extension of your IT group; a trusted advisor and support system. That is where the Taylor Made Business Systems Power Center – 9 Points of Differentiation comes to your aide with Document Management and Printer Fleet support. Read on to see what sets TMBS above the rest in Document and Print Management.

Taylor Made Business Systems’ is designed specifically around managed print and document services. Our primary intent is to help companies identify, proactively control, & manage document output & distribution, while freeing up valuable IT resources.

Taylor Made’s 9 Point Differentiators

1. Service is part of our brand and it equals Proactive Customer Care.

2. With unique remote monitoring software we proactively manage your print fleet & document management with service, supplies, technology leadership.

3. Average tenure of our Field Support Reps is 20 years; bringing with it vast knowledge and technical expertise.

4. National service coverage allows us to reach out to every location of your company.

5. We work for you, our customer. We are unencumbered by manufacturers demands.

a) Independent solution recommendations

b) Service most brands and models

6. Planned Quarterly Reviews enhance productivity and continued ROI with technology.

7. A single source for your entire document needs TMBS is only a click or call away.

8. Faster decision making process is possible with the TMBS management structure.

9. 40 years helping companies navigate the technology landscape and achieve Digital Fitness.

Contact us today to begin your no cost assessment. Or call us at (855) 575-8627.  If we cannot save you time and money at the very least you will have a new insight into the world of Print and Document management. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT–Looking for an easier way?

pile-of-paperLOOKING for an easier way to reduce expenses while significantly increasing your company’s productivity? Taylor Made Business Systems’ PowerDoc, the premier document management program offers tools and technology to maximize your document output and usage, improve your organization’s efficiency, free up office space, and decrease your operational costs. Taylor Made’s PowerDocsolutions are designed to manage a document’s entire lifecycle, from creation to disposal, with Proven Leadership. Powerful Results.

• Efficiently scan, index, and store documents
• Retrieve documents by keyword search
• All documents are stored electronically in a safe, secure location
• Securely access documents from anywhere via the Internet

To learn more about how PowerDoc solutions will have a positive impact on your business call (855) 575-8627
or register for a free analysis

While you are at it check out Taylor Made Business Systems’ PowerPrint Program. PowerPrint is designed to ensure you always have the necessary supplies to keep your office equipment operating at peak efficiency. Our office supplies are competitively priced and next-day delivery is guaranteed. It is also designed to remotely scan your printers for service alerts and we are often on our way to you before you know your device needs a call.

· Easy online ordering system

· Eco-friendly products

· Guaranteed contracted supplies in-stock

· Smart Phone dispatched technicians and support.

One Vendor, One Contact, One Answer – Taylor Made Business Systems is your partner in promoting your company’s Digitial Fitness.

To learn more about how PowerPrint solutions will have a positive impact on your business call (855) 575-8627
or register for a free analysis

Taylor Made Print & Document Management Strategy


Here is how it begins:

· Understanding your current environment

· Getting it under management.

· Finding ways to optimize the environment with the information Taylor Made provides

· Reducing costs and the environmental impact.

The following is a strategy that can be

leveraged to achieve these benefits:


clip_image002Postpone Buying New Equipment

When it comes to managing your expenses, the first thing some hardware sales people recommend  is buying newer equipment. The 1st  step should be to hold off on buying new equipment until you fully understand what you have.  Chances are you already have more equipment than you really need!  Despite the “advice” of hardware vendors that want to sell devices, the solution to your problems does not necessarily begin with buying new equipment.


clip_image002[4]Discover What you Have


The next step is to uncover your current situation.

  • What devices do you have? What are the redundancies?
  • What are your current print volumes and usage patterns?
  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your printing infrastructure?

Rapid assessment technologies streamline this process. Our non-invasive print assessment software scans your network, finding your printers & gathering useful information from each device. This         information is compiled, creating a report detailing your current device fleet, usage patterns and TCO.


clip_image002[6]Outsource Printer Management

With an understanding of the current volumes, usage patterns and costs, the next logical step is to implement a Taylor Made Management Strategy for your printer fleet. Taylor Made  Business Systems will manage your fleet of printers on a usage-based model which includes ALL you need: supplies, service and support. This type of program typically does not require capital expenditures, because it involves managing the printers that you already have.


clip_image002[8]Optimize Your Fleet

With your printers now under management, Taylor Made Business Systems will work with you on a quarterly basis to review your actual usage and implement recommendations to further optimize your printing infrastructure. This may include technology upgrades, re-deployment of existing devices, or implementing state of the art Print Solutions specific to your business applications.

Call us today to find out more!

Marsha Dohrmann

Business Development Manager



Businesses are ready for a new approach to IT

Simplify deployment and reduce complexity using systems integrated with expertise.

As information technology moves to the strategic center of business, organizations can no longer ignore the inefficiencies in today’s approach to computing:

●● On average, more than 70 percent of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance.

●● Two-thirds of companies go over schedule on their project deployments.

And as Gary Barnett notes in the Bathwick Group report The road to Smarter Computing, “… our IT systems have become complex and difficult to manage.


Taylor Made Business Systems is a company built from the ground up around managed print and document services.  Our primary goal is to help companies identify, control, and manage document output and distribution as well as freeing up valuable IT resources for vital corporate initiatives.